More Young Women Are ‘Drinking To Cope,’ In A Dangerous Trend : Shots Health News : NPR

Content Contact Women’s Recovery Withdrawal Symptoms How is alcohol use disorder diagnosed? How do alcohol use disorders affect people? Liver It turns out that alcohol use for cisgender women is more complicated than it might seem. Eventually, Murphy made friends, and when they got together on the weekends, she’d often end up sipping four or […]

10 ways you can save on prescriptions

Contents Care Delivery How to help patients who miss meds Health Insurance Dallas activist respond to Tyre Nichols shooting in Memphis In addition, drug companies are looking to recoup their development costs—and they do it through the retail prices of their new drugs. With so many prescription drugs on the market, it’s hard for you […]

Interactive Tool: Do You Have a Drinking Problem? Kaiser Permanente

Contents Addiction Treatment Options The Symptoms of Alcoholism Question Alcoholism Addiction Quiz: Take the Test Women’s Alcoholism Treatment at Women’s Recovery Am I an Alcoholic Questionnaire It is not unusual for individuals in this subtype to also suffer from anxiety problems, major depression, bipolar disorder, and other substance addictions. is a nationwide web service […]