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Please note that all JavaScript plugins require jQuery to be included, as shown in the starter template. Consult our bower.json to see which versions of jQuery are supported. Bootstrap is developed mobile first, a strategy in which we optimize code for mobile devices first and then scale up components as necessary using CSS media queries. To ensure proper rendering and touch zooming for all devices, add the responsive viewport meta tag to your . One of the most convenient approaches to styling a project is by using pre-styled components. Bootstrap includes pre-styled components such as dropdown menus, alerts, or navigation bars that you can use when developing a project.

  • You can utilize a pre-made theme or make your own by altering the Bootstrap files to meet the structure and specifications of your CMS to integrate Bootstrap into a CMS.
  • The Bootstrap framework is built on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.
  • They also extend the functionality of some existing interface elements, including for example an auto-complete function for input fields.
  • Bootstrap is a fully developed front-end web application framework.
  • Although using Bootstrap you could also use JavaScript, jQuery etc.

Compiles and minifies CSS and JavaScript, builds the documentation website, runs the HTML5 validator against the docs, regenerates the Customizer assets, and more. If you’re compiling Bootstrap from its Less/Sass source and not using our Gruntfile, what is bootstrap you’ll need to integrate Autoprefixer into your build process yourself. If you’re using precompiled Bootstrap or using our Gruntfile, you don’t need to worry about this because Autoprefixer is already integrated into our Gruntfile.


Bootstrap is an open-source Javascript framework developed by the team at Twitter. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code designed to help build user interface components. The image added has class img-fluid that makes it fit to the size of the parent div irrespective of its own size.

If you just want to create a basic site with Bootstrap, you can hit the ground running and get it done ASAP. But someone who doesn’t know HTML5, CSS, or JavaScript will likely be lost. At a minimum, a basic understanding of HTML5 and CSS is needed — JavaScript is more likely to be required if you want to perform serious customization of a site. Thus, Bootstrap means that it’s a framework that can be used to launch a website quickly. With Bootstrap, you don’t need to do any of the foundational programs that you would normally have to do. Instead, you can just focus on what’s important — customizing it to your project.

What is Bootstrap?

Everything I found is related to the computer science definition. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Finally, we’ve used a few more utility classes for margins, centering, and rounding the image’s appearance into a circle. There are other classes as well, like btn-info, btn-default, btn-warning and btn-danger. You can also refer to the documentation, which is highly recommended whenever you’re in any kind of confusion.

Bootstrap 4, which was finalized in 2018, is widely used today, and it’s the version we recommend learning to get started with Bootstrap. Since its initial version in 2011, Bootstrap’s had several updates that added major features (such as navigation options). They’ve also added more browser support and changed some fundamental parts of the framework (such as switching from LESS to SASS for styling). If you’ve been considering front-end engineering as a career option, then you’ve likely heard about Bootstrap and its multiple versions. Initially released in 2011 by Twitter developers Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, Bootstrap has become one of the most popular CSS frameworks.

Determines the version of Internet Explorer that should render the page. Therefore, every software engineer should learn about jQuery as it’s an essential part of web development. Here are the three primary framework files that manage the user interface and functionality of a website. While Bootstrap is compatible with the latest version of popular browsers, this isn’t the case with the older versions.

what does bootstrap do

This tag is included in all of Bootstrap’s documentation and examples to ensure the best rendering possible in each supported version of Internet Explorer. Start with this basic HTML template, or modify these examples. We hope you’ll customize our templates and examples, adapting them to suit your needs. Visit the Layout docs or our official examples to start laying out your site’s content and components. Curious which components explicitly require jQuery, our JS, and Popper.js? If you’re at all unsure about the general page structure, keep reading for an example page template.

what does bootstrap do

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